Starlight Battery

Our Starlight Battery System represents a major turning point in the provision of effective security for construction sites without immediate access to mains power. The Starlight Battery System is a complete video alarm system that sends a short video clip directly to our central station for immediate review and action. It does this without the need for traditional wired detectors or cameras and free from a requirement for mains power provision.

All Starlight Battery Systems include a digital camera, a passive infrared motion detector and interactive, encrypted wireless circuitry for secure two way communication with the control panel. The on-board camera consists of a CMOS black and white sensor and an 85 degree, wide angle lens. Two infrared LEDs provide night illumination to a distance of some 8 meters/26 feet. For movement detection, a Fresnel lens inside the unit cover captures a 12m/40ft wide, 90 degree angle passive infrared pattern.

With a primary purpose to detect site intrusion, the system instantaneously records a short video clip of the event which is sent directly to our monitoring station, allowing our controllers to deploy a security response or the emergency services as appropriate.

Furthermore, each Starlight Battery System incorporates a self-check routine, where it will transmit a ‘check-in’ signal every eight minutes to include a unique identification code along with current detection state, tamper condition, serial number, date of manufacture, software revision, and battery status, ensuring that it will always be in tip-top condition and fit for purpose.

The detector transmits a check-in signal every eight minutes that includes its unique identification code along with the current detection sensor state, tamper condition, serial number, date of manufacture, software revision, and battery status.

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