Starlight Solar

For several decades now CCTV Monitoring Ltd has been providing one of the most successful, customer focused and high quality construction site monitoring & installation services in the UK.

With a focus firmly rooted in the construction industry, we have developed site security systems that are able to respond to the ever changing needs of even the most demanding site environment.

At the very core of our service is our Starlight HD CCTV system. Utilising only state-of –the-art, high resolution 1080p / HD cameras, these IP rated products can handle any harsh environment and are offered in PTZ (360) dome camera and static 1080p/HD versions. With the ability to see in complete darkness at 100m and a 100m pan and zoom, our Starlight HD systems provide the ultimate in site security.

Once installed on your site the Starlight HD CCTV system presents our monitoring controllers with the ability to efficiently detect and react to intruders on your site, even in complete darkness. Supported by our static 1080p / HD cameras (40m IR) focused to cover high risk areas and blind spots, along with a series of PIR detectors deployed at key locations across your site , our Starlight HD Systems have been designed to reliably detect site intrusion, ensuring threats are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Supplied complete with our user-friendly app, premium HD monitor, router and audio solution - every Starlight HD CCTV System is housed in a secure, high quality professional equipment cabinet, combining to offer you one of the most complete and easy to use packages available on the construction security market today.

It couldn’t be easier to provide you with a Starlight HD CCTV System tailored to meet your needs, simply click on the Enquire Now button at the bottom of this page or call 01924 849 319 to arrange a full, free, and no obligation construction site survey. During this survey, our specialist system designers will work with you to identify potential high risk areas (such as diesel/material stores, plant etc.) and determine optimal camera and detector locations. We also aim to help identify those cameras and detectors that may require relocation as your build progresses, ensuring that your site remains secure at every stage of its construction.

For a free, no obligation site survey, just use the enquire button found at the bottom of this page or call 01924 849 319.