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questions about cctv

1. Are you always watching me?

No, the building site surveillance systems we install work using PIR detection. Although the cameras are recording continually, we only view images if movement onsite triggers an alarm. During working hours when the system is unarmed we will not view any images.

2. Can I get footage from past events?

Yes, we are able to retrieve building site surveillance footage from previous events. However, because the system uses hard drive storage, we can only keep the footage for around 3 months (the exact figure is dependent upon frequency of alarms, image quality settings, etc). The footage can be supplied on a CD, DVD, USB Stick or E-Mailed directly. Alternatively you can use the PC supplied to do this, details can be found within the handover pack or alternatively you can call one of our team on 01924 849 319.

3. Can I retrieve footage from past events when the system was not armed?

Yes, because the system is recording 24 hours a day we are able to retrieve images during times when the system is not sending alarms to our monitoring station. However if the footage is to be taken from a dome camera we are unable to guarantee the direction in which the camera will be looking. If you require building site surveillance footage burning from working hours there is a standard fee of £140.00 + VAT per event.

4. How do I know you are responding to alarms on my building site?

We take the quality of service we offer very seriously. In order to highlight this we have introduced a client portal. On this you will find all information relating to your building site security. Along with viewing the live surveillance footage you are able to see every single alarm activation on your site. The report shows the response of our CCTV monitoring staff and the time scale it was carried out. You can also build custom reports in order to offer complete transparency. We are able to print reports directly from our systems if you require.

5. Can I view the cameras myself?

Yes, we are able to provide you with a PC from which the full building site surveillance system can be viewed. This offers full functionality to the user and can be installed anywhere on site. The cameras can also be set up on any existing PC provided it has internet connectivity. For mobile users, you can view the cameras from any smart phone (IPhone, Samsung Galaxy, etc.), however this does require the download of an application (currently 59p on App Store). Using the smartphone you are only able to access limited functionality due to the restrictions of the device.

6. How does the system work in residential areas?

We try to keep disturbance to a minimum in all locations, however in residential areas we appreciate that this becomes even more important. We use Infrared Cameras to keep light pollution to a minimum and never use recorded audio warnings. Many systems utilise an automated audio response which is triggered every time an alarm is created. However, because our monitoring staff assess each individual alarm we are able to only respond to genuine threats, minimising the disturbance caused to local residents and pedestrians.

7. What happens if you have a power cut or if there is a fire or flood?

At CCTV Monitoring Limited we take your building sites security very seriously. At our premises here at Emley, West Yorkshire we have an extensive UPS and Generator back up supply. We also have wireless Broad Band and 3G, to ensure, regardless of power cuts or BT outages, we stay up and running. In the unlikely event of fire or flood and our control room being down we have developed a partnership offering resilience of monitoring, with a local central station, Morgan Verne. The transition of service would be seamless with the monitoring taking place from their premises.

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