How does Remotely Monitored CCTV Work?

A brief explanation of how our remote CCTV security systems work.

Remote CCTV allows your site to be monitored off site at our in house station. We have a team of fully qualified monitoring staff who are trained to deal with any incidents which may occur on your site. They receive the alarm, monitor the threat, issue audio warnings, track intruders and call for the police or uniformed response wherever necessary.

The sequence of events in a typical incident takes place as follows:

1. Intruder enters site.
2. Passive infrared detector is activated as intruder passes.
3. Detector triggers an alarm to be sent to control room with a real time video stream of related camera footage.
4. Operator opens alarm and reviews footage.
5. If a threat is detected an immediate live audio warning is issued, this will usually result in the intruder leaving site.
6. Monitoring operative tracks intruder and calls for response from either the police or our uniformed partners.
7. Uniformed response detain/check for intruder and ensure site is secured again before leaving.

We receive many alarms every week and deal with each one individually. We produce detailed reports for every site on a weekly basis including the number, and cause of, each alarm. The alarm listings are all time and date stamped to provide you with complete transparency of the services we offer.